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         The mission of this website is to provide a single, unified source a portal for those interested in any aspect of the Systemic Approach to Teaching and Learning (SATL).  Since its inception 24 years ago (1998) through the joint efforts of Professor A. F. M. Fahmy at the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science ,and Science Education Centerof Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt and Professor J. J. Lagowski ,Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas, USA.  These SATL technique(s) have been successfully applied at all levels of education, and across a wide variety of disciplines.  The majority of the controlled studies on the academic usefulness of SATL have been conducted by the SEC in the Egyptian system of education and there is every reason to believe that the general conclusions derived from these studies—that the SATL techniques provide a superior learning environment than the traditional linear methods of teaching—will transcend political and cultural barriers as well as being applicable to all levels of education.

           The mission of this website is to provide ready access to the details that support the general conclusions mentioned earlier (vide supra).  Papers supporting our contentions concerning SATL are scattered over a wide variety of sources that may not be familiar to some of those interested in SATL techniques, and we have indicated their relevance with links; a master list of references is available [6] for browsing or searching.






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